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Charlotte Olympia para Havaianas


Há umas semanas atrás fui convidada para ir a Londres conhecer e entrevistar a Charlotte Olympia - designer de sapatos que adoro! - no evento de lançamento da sua colaboração com a Havaianas.


Fiquei super contente e honrada com este convite, mas depois - bem-vindos à correria do universo Stylista - atrasei-me 15 minutos a chegar ao aeroporto e foi o suficiente para perder o avião. Vi o gate a fechar, pedi por favor para me deixarem entrar mas o meu melhor charme não funcionou.


Que grande fossa!...

Fiquei mesmo triste. Ia ser uma experiência incrível.

(buáaaa... ainda não ultrapassei)


A parte boa - excelente! - é que a minha entrevista chegou ao destino na mesma

e a CO foi muito simpática em responder a todas as questões.


Deixo-vos a entrevista em baixo para que fiquem a conhecer um bocadinho melhor a Charlotte Olympia e esta colaboração.



You were born in Cape Town and your mother is Brazilian, so… the beach is in  your DNA, right? 


Yes, I love nothing more than being by the sea. Rio is my home away from home. The first and last thing I do when I arrive is have a run up and down Ipanema beach followed by a fresh coconut and admire one of the most beautiful views in world.


What are your first memories regarding fashion? 


I used to watch old black and white movies from the 1940's and 50's with my mother as child so from a young age I fell in love with glamour. It was glamour that got me into fashion.  My paternal grandmother, Zehava, came from that era and was a very elegant and glamorous woman. Her hair was always perfectly set and she never went anywhere without red lipstick which inspired me to do the same. Just like her, I enjoy dressing up regardless whether it’s a ‪Monday morningor a ‪Saturday night. Watching my mother dress up was always something I enjoyed and seeing her in fashion shows or shoots probably made the idea of glamour not too distant.  My dressing up box was filled with clothes and costume jewellery that belonged to her so I had the opportunity to play dress up with real clothes rather than just kids costumes.


And your first memories with Havaianas? 


Being half Brazilian Havaianas have always been a staple when on holiday. I have been wearing Havaianas since I was little and it has always been a brand I wanted to work with.


What made you start your own shoe company?


I wanted to be a fashion designer from a young age, but only decided to specialise in footwear during my foundation course at London College of Fashion when one of my tutors commented on my emphasis on shoes and accessories when I designed outfits.  I then went on to do a BA at Cordwainers learning the craft of footwear and started my own brand soon after I graduated. 


Was it hard at first?


I am very lucky that I absolutely love what I do, but it takes a lot of hard work, passion and dedication.  When I started Charlotte Olympia it was important for me to create a brand aesthetic and have an identity. This came from staying true to my design philosophy and creating what have now become signature silhouettes for the brand. It is also important to have a business plan and grow organically by introducing products at the right time, but at the same time seizing opportunities that come my way. I have learnt that surrounding myself with a great team who understand and believe in the brand is vital, you can't do everything by yourself. 


Do you travel often to beach destinations?


Every summer I enjoy a beachside holiday with my husband and three boys.


What are your favourites? 


They're all very different; Rio de Janeiro is my home away from home. Formentera is very special and raw. Capri is beautiful and glamorous. 


What are your must have summer pieces?


I love wearing summer dresses that can be dressed up and dressed down with accessories. Equally,  a fabulous dress can be made more wearable and relaxed if paired with Havaianas.  I always have a sun hat and a basket which go with everything. I love special flats that can be for day or night, and I favour a block heel or wedge for holiday destinations. 


My favourites from the my new SS16 collection ‘I Married Adventure’ are:


*Panthera – a knotted sandal with a beautiful hand-painted enamel leopard wedge.

*Wild At Heart – an empowering block heel platform sandal in all over leopard print.

*Out of Africa – an embossed leather clutch shaped like a zebra rug.

*Rattan Wedge – a decorative Rattan heel 

*Feline Ami tote bag is perfect for throwing everything in, great for travel or for the beach. 


How did the partnership between CO and Havaianas started? 


My mother is from Rio so I have been wearing Havaianas since I was little and it has always been a brand I wanted to work with, it was exciting to incorporate my own designs into a timeless and iconic classic.


What do you think is most interesting in making a collaboration between a Luxury Brand and a Mass Market Brand?


See above.


Are you into the social media Channels? FB, Instagram, Twiter? Do you run yourself CO Instagram account? 


Yes, I have a Charlotte Olympia Facebook account, and Instagram and a Twitter which I manage myself. 



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De qual gostam mais?





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